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According to expert nutritionists, virgin extra olive oil provides numerous advantages to our human organisms; there are too many advantages to list, but it is important to highlight the following:

It is proven that virgin extra olive oil reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL), and it increases the good one (HDL). Other types of oil do not reduce the risk of a heart attack and other related heart diseases.

The consumption of virgin extra olive oil allows the formation of a cellular membrane with higher defensive capacity to oxidation because of its high content of vitamin E; it helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, cancer, and aging.

Because of the resemblance to maternal milk in terms of fat content; olive oil is the most recommendable in the elaboration of purées and baby food. In addition to this, olive oil stimulates bone growth and favors the absorption of calcium and mineralization of our bones.

In terms of digestion, olive oil slows down the emptying of our stomachs, and that brings as a result a feeling of satisfaction. Besides, olive oil encourages the formation of scar tissue around gastric and duodenum ulcers.

As experts highlight, a last and important recommendation is to include virgin extra olive oil in our breakfast. An Ideal breakfast should include: recently squeezed orange juice, coffee and cream, and a bread toast soaked in virgin extra olive oil.

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