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Active principles of virgin olive oil

Active principles of virgin olive oil.

We can sum up the main advantages of virgin olive oil in cosmetics as follows:

Antioxidant effect

Olive oil is a natural, antioxidant product and the polifenoles contained in it provide great stability; it is a feature that makes it stand out from the rest of vegetable oils we know.

This moisturizing effect is naturally part of the products elaborated with virgin olive oil.

The glycerin, vitamin E, and carotene present in virgin extra olive oil are the active principles that bring out a moisturizing effect.

Besides moisturizing the skin, virgin extra olive oil protects the skin against free radicals and it is not irritating.

Anti-aging affect for the skin

Olive oil is extremely effective when it comes down slowing down the aging process of the skin because of the high content of glycerin, vitamin E, carotene, greasy alcohols, and linolic acid.


For all the previously exposed and convincing arguments, olive oil and derivatives are very adequate for the elaboration of cosmetics destined to skin and hair treatment as well as dry, cracked, and sensitive skin. Virgin extra olive oil brings about a powerful emollient, conditioning effect, ant it also mitigates the aggressive and irritating effects of soaps and detergents. 

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