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Płynne Złoto Sp. z o.o.
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The Origin of la Chinata

The Origin of la Chinata

The history of La chinata begins around 1932, when our ancestors began to grind olives from our region: Gata’s mountain range. In those days, olive oil was obtained in rudimentary olive-oil mills. Olives were put into stone mills to be crushed, and a paste came out as a result. Such paste was later on put into a press in order to extract the oil. Paste layers were formed, and they were separated by circular plates. By pressing those plates olive oil was extracted. The olive oil that came from the process was decanted to separate it from the Alpechín: a mixture of water and olive residue.

Nowadays, we count on the most advanced grinding and pressing systems, and, although, they are still purely mechanical processes; they are able to extract a lot more oil in a very clean and controlled manner in order to guarantee the quality of an extra virgin olive oil.

Aware of the growing concern among our clients to consume healthy, natural foods; we have for some time been producing a top quality range of products under our brand: La Chinata gourmet selection. They are mostly products made of our best virgin extra olive oil, but we have recently added several vinegars, honeys, salts, among other products.

Backing up olive oil usage in ancient civilizations, we have developed an ample range of cosmetic products based on the natural properties of virgin extra olive oil. Our widespread experience of four generations in the manufacturing process of virgin extra olive oil has provided La Chinata with the necessary knowledge of this product; we make most out of it as a cosmetic component.

On the other hand, and as a response to modern catering requests, we have been investigating frying processes with different kinds of oils for many years. As a result of such an exhaustive research, we have launched several vegetable fats destined to fulfill the needs of restaurants and the food industry as well.

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