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Płynne Złoto Sp. z o.o.
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00-815 Warszawa
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PRIMUM is made with handpicked olives, picked one by one to select the best olives in the first few days of the harvest campaign, a process normally reserved to harvest olives for direct consumption. The olives are then cold pressed with traditional decantation within 24 hours of their recollection.
Its intense green colour (characteristic of the first days of the harvest), intense fruity aromas of apple and banana, full body, total absence of bitterness and slight spicy flavour make PRIMUM stand out among any other existing olive oils.
PRIMUM is an unltered extra virgin olive oil. It is bottled straight from the press with the traditional decantation method, so a slight deposit may form at the bottom of the bottle.
It has a remarkable fatty acids composition, marked by a high rate of unsaturated in relation to saturated fatty acids, and also a very high content of oleic acid, more than 75%, which very few olive oils attain. It is really delicious and very stable oil, with high nutritional and therapeutic value.
For maximum enjoyment we recommend using it in crude form, for hot or cold dishes. It is exquisite as well used in preparation of hot dishes like sh or vegetables.

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PRIMUM Oliwa z Oliwek Extra Virgen 500 ml

98,00 zł

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