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Nowadays cosmetics based on virgin olive oil

Nowadays cosmetics based on virgin olive oil

Nowadays, La Chinata follows the trend of modern cosmetology; it has rediscovered the value of virgin olive oil as an effective ingredient and active principle for an ample range of products devoted to body care.

Our extended experience of four generations in the manufacturing process of virgin extra olive oil has provided the knowledge to make an incursion into the use of virgin extra olive oil as a cosmetic ingredient.

The acidity of olive oil is compatible with our skin; therefore, it is a perfect product to maintain a smooth, hydrated, and soft skin. Besides, olive oil protects our skins against free radicals that speed up the aging of our skins.

Virgin extra olive oil is effective for the care of greasy skins due to its natural acidity.

Soaps made of olive oil are particularly beneficial for more delicate skins with a tendency to flake; it is ideal for the skin of children and newborn babies. Olive oil soaps prevent the skin from getting dry, and it also protects the skin from the lime contained in the water.

After showering, it is used as an invigorating tonic and as a skin moisturizer.

Olive oil is also used in the elaboration of suntan lotions and after sun lotions; it is ideal to get a perfect tan, and it is the best balsam to be used as lotion after being exposed to the sun. Olive oil allows ultraviolet rays to penetrate the skin, but its antioxidant effect keeps the skin form being harmed.

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