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Olive Oil

Olive Oil

The olive tree and its fruit have always been present in human history, and they have had a relevant place in ancient civilizations. In the bible itself, we come across 200 clear references to olive trees and their oil. Olive oil is the oldest nutritious oil right after sesame oil. In ancient history, olive oil was used in medicine preparation, religious ceremonies, and as food. It is difficult to point out where the first olive tree came up. There is a belief that the first olive tree came up on the shores of the Mediterranean between Syria and Greece. The cultivation of olive trees got started on those shores more 6.000 years ago, and olive oil was immediately used for feeding and medical purposes.

For every Mediterranean culture, the etymology of the words olive and oil has only two sources: the Greek term Elaia which gave birth to Olea in Latin and later on to olive, olive tree, oil, oleo, and so on. And the Hebrew word Zait, which was transformed into Arab Zaitun (where oil comes from) oil, olive, acebuche and others. Olive is a word that originally and exclusively names olive oil. The word had its origin in the blending of an Arab and an Aramaic nickname that literally means the juice form the olive.

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