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Płynne Złoto Sp. z o.o.
ul.Sienna 93 lok. 3U
00-815 Warszawa
tel. +48 22 403 43 74



Nowadays, La Chinata is a reference in the Spanish gourmet market, for it has backed the development of olive oil derivative products; it is the only company working on that direction.

Part of our strategy is to continue our research to launch new products into the existing markets.

We are focused on four different areas:

  1. The virgin extra olive oils we sell to restaurants and gourmet specialized stores.
  2. Gourmet products and cosmetics products developed with olive oil as a fundamental ingredient.
  3. La Chinata oleotecas: stores that exclusively sell our products.
  4. Oils extracted from seeds especially intended to professionals for frying processes aimed at hotels, restaurants, and catering services.

Our clients are small distributors or gourmet establishments all over Spain and importers. We also export to different countries to businesses specialized in Spanish products.

Our intention is to increase our exportation volume by strengthening the already existing business relationship we have in other countries; we also expect to make incursions in new markets.

On the other hand, we continue developing our range of products based on virgin extra olive oil either for the cosmetic or the gourmet division; we continue exploring new target markets.

We also have the intention of moving on with our project of exclusive shops; it is to say La Chinata stores owned by the company and a complete or partly franchised model. 

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