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La Chinata

La Chinata

La Chinata Virgin extra olive oil is fundamentally recognized by four distinctive features:

  • An intense yellow color with a greenish trace.
  • A sweet, plane flavor without the itch or bitterness that characterize the variety of olive oils from the south of Spain; therefore, it is very pleasant for discerning palates. It is a real pleasure to taste these oils at an oil-taste fête.
  • A ripen, fruity, and dense aroma.
  • In a lab analysis, one can appreciate a high content of fatty acids that turn these virgin extra olive oils in some of the perfect oils that come from olive regions in Spain.

It is important to point out that in the Gata-Hurdes region most of the cultivated olives are consumed directly. It is to say, those olives are consumed at the table, and they are worldwide recognized: the well known variety of “Manzanilla Cacereña”.

The olive oil extracted from these tiny olives maintains all its virtues and features; they are not used for human consumption.

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