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Quality and conservation

Quality and conservation

A lot of consumers associate the quality of olive oils with acidity. Acidity is one of the chemical parameters of olive oils indicating the quantity of free fatty acids contained in oil usually expressed as oleico acid. It must be highlighted that acidity is a chemical parameter to determine quality, not flavor. Low acidity guarantees that oils have been extracted from healthy olives and in the best possible conditions in every single step of the process. Therefore, for every type of oil, there is a requirement: a maximum of one degree of acidity.

  • Virgin extra olive oil 0, 8%
  • Virgin olive oil 2, 0%
  • Olive oil 1, 0%

Olive oil is a natural product whose properties progressively fade; therefore, it is recommended to consume within the time period clearly stated in the container in order to appreciate its quality. It is recommended to keep olive oil containers properly close, away from heat sources, protected from light, air, and humidity at temperatures between 15-20 ºC to preserve its remarkable properties.

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